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 STATUS Active
 SPECIES White Blood Cell
 MANGA DEBUT Chapter 1

2145, White Blood Cell (白血球?) is one of the main protagonists in Cells at Work! Friend


2145 has white hair and black eyes and wears the standard White Blood Cell uniform. He does not appear to have eyebrows, unlike his fellow White Blood Cells. His hair is parted to the right and covers his right eye, while the left is tucked behind his ear loosely.


2145 is a quiet neutrophil of few words. He usually wears a neutral expression and doesn't express much emotion, although he does show concern when his friends are hurt or in danger or when he is called to help with an emergency.

When there isn't a threat, he is usually very calm about the situation no matter what it is. He never quarrels with the Killer T squad members unlike his other comrades. He is described by his fellow neutrophils to be a workaholic, particularly so in his eating habits, and very rarely, if ever takes paid days off. To his own admission, he does not seem to recognize or understand what stress is.

He is usually seen eating, either a piece of bacterium or glucose of some kind.



2145 was a Neutrophilic myelocyte of the same batch as 3033. He is said to have been rather absentminded, often wandering into the Eosinophilic myelocyte classroom and having to be fetched and accompanied to the correct classroom. Since maturing into a full-fledged Neutrophil however, he has been considered by his fellow Neutrophils as the ace of the division.


Like all neutrophils, he possesses abilities that enable him to quickly terminate threats.

  • Overall Abilities: As one of the most abundant white blood cells, he can terminate any kind of harmful cells to the body from germs to cancer cells. He is incredibly agile and strong as he is able to slice common bacterium in half with one blow.
  • Phagocytosis: White blood cells can analyze an unknown foreign cell by eating them which will help them identify its species, or consume them as food.
  • Knife Proficiency: He is an efficient knife-fighter just like all neutrophils. Along with his agility to aid him, he can swiftly terminate a group of intruders alone. He is also able to block up to multiple attacks from aggressive bacterium continuously. Apart from close-range combat, he is able to throw his knives with accurate aim if an enemy is far beyond reach.
  • Receptor: All neutrophils have a receptor that acts like a radar which alerts them whenever a threat is near.
  • L-Selectin: A feature in their uniforms that let them adhere to certain surfaces
  • Wandering Cell: He is a cell that is not fixed in place and able to move freely around the blood vessel.
  • Transmigrate: He is able to move freely inside a tissue and reach his destination much faster.


  • 2145 is popular with the girls, and has been seen receiving extravagant gifts and food on multiple occasions. Especially noticeable in Chapter 29.
  • 2145 does not like wasabi, but it doesn't deter him from eating food with wasabi in it.
  • He does not return home from work often, and forgets to manually pay his utility bills or set it up to pay automatically.
  • He has some skill in manning a barbeque grill and appears to enjoy it.