Red Blood Cells BLACK
 STATUS Active
 SPECIES Red Blood Cell
 OCCUPATION Transporter
 MANGA DEBUT Chapter 1

AA2153 is one of the two protagonists of Cells at Work! BLACK. He is a rookie erythrocyte that had started working inside a poorly maintained body, and thus an abusive work environment.


This Red Blood Cell is a male with glasses and yellow pupils. He has average-length brunette hair with a strand that slightly resembles AE3803’s iconic ahoge. He wears a uniform that is only slightly different from the original by the collar.


As a rookie, he was initially excited for his task of going to the lungs, only to find LDL's, Carbon Monoxide, and Pneumococcus along the way. He is dedicated to doing his part in helping the body, however is strongly disheartened by the awful work conditions and failure of the body to improve.


  • His code is written inside the back of his hat, so it is not normally visible.
Black rbc number

RBC's hat with "AA2153" on it

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