Cells at Work! BLACK (はたらく細胞!BLACK Hataraku Saibō! Burakku?) is a spin-off written by Shigemitsu Harada, illustrated by Ikuta Hatsuya, and supervised by the author of the original, Akane Shimizu.

It was first announced on the Kodansha's Morning magazine official website on May 18, 2018 that the manga will launch in the magazine and in the Weekly D Morning digital manga magazine on June 7.[1] It continues to be published in the magazine weekly until its 10th chapter which was published on August 9, reaching its climax. Then, the manga was continued on the 47th issue published on October 25 with the 11th chapter and released biweekly.

As of February 2019, there have been three volumes of the manga released.


Similar to the original, the series is set in a world of anthropomorphic cells working in a body. It follows a the life of a rookie Erythrocyte, AA2153, and a Neutrophil, U-1196, as they work in a poorly maintained, middle-aged body burdened by issues such as stress, smoking, drinking and the like, causing complications in the cells' work and living environment.

Chapters usually consist of the cells having to face an ailment, vice or symptom of an unhealthy lifestyle, and overcoming it with the help of medications.

The series is set to tackle darker content than the original, thus the name 'BLACK'.

List of ChaptersEdit

Volume 1 Edit

No Title Japan release date
01 "Smoking, Germs, the Beginning of an End" (喫煙、細菌、終わりの始まり Kitsuen, Saikin, Owarinohajimari?) July 9, 2018
02 "Liver, Alcohol, Arrogance" (肝臓、アルコール、誇り Kanzō, Arukōru, Hokori?) July 9, 2018
03 "Erection, Ejaculation, Emptiness" (勃起、射精、虚無 Bokki, Shasei, Kyomu?) July 9, 2018
04 "Gonococcus, Invasion" (淋菌、襲来 Rinkin, Shūrai?) July 9, 2018
05 "Overwork, Confusion, Hair Loss" (過重労働、錯乱、脱毛 Ka jūrōdō, Sakuran, Datsumō?) July 9, 2018

Volume 2 Edit

No Title Japan release Date
06 "Abnormalities, Athlete's Foot, A Reason for Working" (異変、水虫、働く意味 Ihen, Mizumushi, Hataraku Imi?) September 21, 2018
07 "Gastric Ulcer, Friendship, Loss" (胃潰瘍、友情、喪失 Ikaiyō, Yūjō, Sōshitsu?) September 21, 2018
08 "Desperation, Gout, Rebellion" (自暴自棄、痛風、反乱 Jibōjiki, Tsūfū, Hanran?) September 21, 2018
09 "Return, Heart, The End" (復帰、心臓、終焉 Fukki, Shinzō, Shūen?) September 21, 2018
10 "Heart Attack, Resuscitation, Change" (心筋梗塞、蘇生、変化 Shinkinkōsoku, Sosei, Henka?) September 21, 2018

Volume 3 Edit

No Title Japan release Date
11 "Peace, Polyp, Disaster" (平和、ポリープ、災害 Heiwa, Porīpu, Saigai?) February 22, 2019
12 "Energy Drinks, Nosebleed, Job Performance Indicators" (エナジードリンク、鼻血、ノルマ。 Enajī Dorinku, Hanaji, Noruma.?) February 22, 2019
13 "Kidney, Urinary Tract Stone, Bloody Urine" (腎臓、尿路結石、血尿 Jinzō, Nyōrokesseki, Ketsunyō?) February 22, 2019
14 "Urinary Tract Infection, Silence, Tears." (尿路感染、沈黙、涙。 Nyōro Kansen, Ririshiku, Chinmoku, Namida.?) February 22, 2019
15 "Sebum, Aged Odor, Last Job" (皮脂、加齢臭、最後の仕事 Hishi, Kareishū, Saigo no Shigoto?) ???
16 "Calf, Power Hara, Nightmare Again" (ふくらはぎ、パワハラ、悪夢再び Fuku-ra Hagi, Pawahara, Akumufutatabi?) ???
17 "Pulmonary Thrombosis, Tact, Reunion" (肺血栓、機転、再会 Haikessen, Kiten, Saikai?) ???

Reference Edit

  1. Jennifer Sherman - "Cells at Work! Gets BLACK Spinoff Manga in June" (May 19, 2018)
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