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Cells at Work! Baby is a Cells at Work! spinoff manga series.

Cells at Work! Baby (はたらく細胞BABY Hataraku Saibō Baby?) is a spin-off of Cells at Work! written & illustrated by Yasuhiro Fukuda.

List of Chapters

Volume 1

No Title Japan release date
01 Birth (Part One)
02 Birth (Part Two)
03 Pulmonary Circulation
04 Mother's Milk
05 Norovirus
06 Heat Rash
07 Immunity

Volume 2

No Title Japan release Date
08 Bump
09 Vaccination
10 F-Niichan
11 RS-Virus (Part 1)
12 RS-Virus (Part 2)
13 RS-Virus (Part 3)
14 Feces
15 Choking

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