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"A new red blood cell carries oxygen throughout the body every day. However, the working environment at his workplace is completely black!! Drinking, smoking, stress, lack of sleep... In a world like an abusive corporation, how do cells feel about overwork? This is the story of your body." ― Official website description

Cells at Work! CODE BLACK is the anime adaption of Cells at Work! BLACK. It premiered on January 7, 2021, and episodes are airing back-to-back with the second season of Cells at Work!.


Alcohol, smoking, and stress—in the body subjected to these irritants, the cells responsible for maintaining life seem to fight a war that never ends. Due to a severe shortage of workers, Red Blood Cell AA2153 has to quickly learn to deliver oxygen and collect carbon dioxide, even in dangerous conditions. Meanwhile, White Blood Cell U-1196 has to do her part by dealing with germs and viruses during life-threatening situations. In the midst of these crises, they have to work together to keep the body healthy, despite not knowing if their sacrifices will be worthwhile.

Hataraku Saibou Black takes a different approach by showing the grittier side of the jobs our cells perform.


Cells at Work Black key visual 2

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  • Director: Hideyo Yamamoto
  • Series Composition: Hayashi Mori
  • Character Design: Eiji Abiko
  • Music: Yuugo Kanno
  • Animation: LIDENFILMS

Voice Cast (Japanese)


Main Characters


Opening Theme - "Hashire!"

Ending Theme - "Ue wo Muite Hakobou"

  • Lyrics, Composition by POLYSICS
  • Arrangement by ?
  • Sung by POLYSICS

List of Episodes

Season 1

Ep. Title Air Date Manga Adaptation
1 "Smoking, Bacteria, and the Beginning of the End" January 10, 2021 Ch. 24.5 "First Job, Canker Sore, Realization"
Ch. 1 "Smoking, Germs, the Beginning of an End"
2 "The Liver, Alcohol, and Pride" January 17, 2021 Ch. 31.5 "Bacteria, Gargling, Unexpected Meeting"
Ch. 2 "Liver, Alcohol, Pride"
3 "Excitement, Swelling, and Emptiness" January 19, 2021 Ch. 3 "Erection, Ejaculation, Emptiness"
4 "Forefront, Gonococci, and Conflict" January 19, 2021 Ch. 4 "Gonococcus, Invasion"
5 "Overwork, Hair Loss, and Delirium" January 24, 2021 Ch. 5 "Overwork, Delirium, Hair Loss"
6 "Kidneys, Ureteral Stones, and Tears" January 31, 2021 Ch. 13 "Kidneys, Kidney Stones, Passing Blood"
Ch. 14 "Urinary Tract Infection, Silence, Tears"
7 "Caffeine, Temptation, and Jealousy" February 7, 2021 Ch. 15 "Sebum, Old-People Smell, Final Job"
Ch. 12 "Energy Drinks, Nose Bleeds, Quotas"
8 "Calves, Pulmonary Embolism, and Quick Thinking" February 14, 2021 Ch. 16 "Calves, Work Harassment, Nightmare Returned"
Ch. 17 "Pulmonary Embolism, Quick Thinking, Reunion"
9 "Calamity, Athlete's Foot, and Meaning of Work" February 21, 2021 Ch. 6 "Calamity, Athlete's Foot, Meaning of Work"
10 "Stomach Ulcer, Friendship, and Loss" February 28, 2021 Ch. 7 "Stomach Ulcer, Friendship, Loss"
11 "Desperation, Gout, and Rebellion" March 7, 2021 Ch. 8 "Desperation, Gout, Rebellion"
12 "Return, The Heart, and Demise" March 14, 2021 Ch, 9 "Return, Heart, Demise"
13 "Cardiac Arrest, Revival, and a Change" March 21, 2021 Ch. 10 "Cardiac Arrest, Revival, Change"

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