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Cells at Work! Friend (はたらく細胞フレンド Hataraku Saibō FURENDO?) is a spin-off of Cells at Work! written by Kanna Kurono, illustrated by Mio Izumi, and supervised by Akane Shimizu.

It has been published by Kodansha America as Cells at Work and Friends! in ebook format only.
A Traditional Chinese localization published by Tong Li Publishing Co. is available for Volume 1 in print and ebook format.


The story, unlike the original, follows a Killer T Squad Leader and his problems in daily life. The main plot does not revolve around saving the body from various dangers, but how he tries to make friends despite his social anxiety.

Squad Leader is extremely hardworking and among the strongest Killer T cells in the body, but despite that, he doesn't seem to be able to make friends. Whether it be with his old classmates, subordinates, or even people around him, he just can't seem to make it work.

List of Chapters

Volume 1

No. Title Japanese Title
01 The Lone Wolf おひとりさま
02 Hot Pot Party 鍋パ
03 Ransomware ランサムウェア
04 Flower Viewing お花見
05 Rental Video レンタルビデオ
06 Tree Climbing 木登り
07 Mini Class Reunion プチ同窓会
08 Photogenic 映え

Volume 2

No. Title Japanese Title
09 Sleep Paralysis 金縛り
10 Ocean
11 Summer Festival 夏祭り
12 Motivation モチベ
13 Tidying Up お片づけ
14 Recreation レク
15 Zero Calories 0kcal
16 Relationship Rumors 恋バナ

Volume 3

No. Title Japanese Title
17 After 7 アフター7
18 Autumn Doldrums 秋バテ
19 Mountains
20 Anger Management アンガーマネジメント
21 Year End Party 忘年会
22 Preparation 備え
23 New Years Sales 初売り
24 Share Boss シェア上司

Volume 4

No. Title Japanese Title
25 Measles はしか
26 Chilly 冷え
27 Mite ダニ
28 Habit 慣れ
29 One Team ワンチーム
30 Slump スランプ
31 Boot Camp ブートキャンプ
32 Girls-Only Party 女子会

Volume 5

No. Title Japanese Title
33 Jogging ジョグ活
34 Bonesetting 整骨
35 Training Camp 研修合宿
36 Cashless キャッシュレス
37 Clonal Selection クローン選択
38 Freestyle フリースタイル
39 Latent Infection 潜状感染
40 Loss of Appetite 食欲不振

Volume 6 (To be released in English)

No. Title Japanese Title
41 贈り物
42 体内めぐり
43 Countdown カウントダウン
44 Valentine's バレンタイン
45 配置転換
46 PRムービー
47 人事異動
48 Killer T Cell キラーT 細胞