Cells that Don't Work (はたらかない細胞 Hatarakanai Saibou?) is a spin-off written and illustrated by Moe Sugimoto, and supervised by the author of the original, Akane Shimizu.[1]

As of February 2019, there have been two volumes published. It has been published by Kodansha America as Cells NOT at Work!.


Similar to the original, the series is set in a world of anthropomorphic cells living in a body. It focuses on the lives of a Macrophage who works in a certain Red Bone Marrow, and the erythroblast she has to deal with that refuses to undergo erythropoiesis because he does not want to be working as an erythrocyte (Red Blood Cell).

He is the oldest erythroblast in the Bone Marrow and wishes to become a White Blood Cell, so he attempts fighting different cells and bacteria, much to Macrophage's annoyance.

Unlike the original, cells in this series have the tendency to display incompetence and disinterest towards their supposed functions.



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