DB5963 anime

DB5963 manga

 STATUS Active
 SPECIES Red Blood Cell
 OCCUPATION Transporter
 ANIME DEBUT Episode 13
 MANGA DEBUT Chapter 18
 JAPANESE Takayuki Kondō

DB5963 (credited as Transfused Red Blood Cell 1 (輸血赤血球1 Yuketsu Sekkekyū 1?) in the anime) is a red blood cell that is transfused into the host body of the main series after experiencing massive blood loss. He acts as a leader to the rest of the transfused red blood cells in delivering the oxygen to the rest of the body.

Later on, U-1146 shows him and AE3803 around the small intestine before leaving to get them some tea. He later forgets about them as there is a Campylobacter invasion in the small intestine.


As a red blood cell, he is a worker that is unable to protect himself. Therefore his job is to only transport goods.

  • Overall Abilities: Despite having no abilities to defend himself, he is capable of transporting goods into all corners of the body with high acceleration. ShHe's even adept at getting through incredibly tight spaces, albeit with considerable difficulty.
  • Reversible Jacket: All red blood cells wear a reversible jacket that helps them indicate their speed when moving around in either veins or arteries. The jacket has extendable sleeves and zips up for colder weather.
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