DEL4045 anime

DEL4045 manga

 STATUS Active
 SPECIES Red Blood Cell
 OCCUPATION Oxygen transporter
 ANIME DEBUT Episode 11
 MANGA DEBUT Chapter 6

DEL4045 is a minor character in Cells at Work!.

He is a red blood cell whose main task is to deliver oxygen, carbon dioxide and nutrients all over the body like the rest of his kind.


In his only appearance, he is seen wearing the standard red blood cell uniform complete with his cap.


He is seen in the sweat gland among other blood cells to help promote perspiration. However, it does not work as the outside humidity is too high. The red blood cells complain about how them being there does not help in cooling down the body and that the temperature is getting unbearable.


As a red blood cell, his job is to transport oxygen and carbon dioxide throughout the body.

  • Lowering the body temperature: Red blood cells can help promote perspiration which will help regulate body temperature by decreasing the body temperature. This does not always work as they may be outside factors which may prevent a successful perspiration.


He is the only red blood cell that has three alphabet characters. Usually, a red blood cell only has two alphabet characters.

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