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Dendritic Cell
 ROMANJI Jujō Saibō
 STATUS Active
 SPECIES Dendritic Cell
 OCCUPATION Antigen Presenter
 ANIME DEBUT Episode 3
 MANGA DEBUT Chapter 3
 JAPANESE Nobuhiko Okamoto
 ENGLISH Griffin Burns

Dendritic Cell (樹状細胞 Jujō Saibō?) is a minor character in Cells at Work!.


Dendritic Cell is a young adult with black, average-length hair. He wears a uniform consisting of a green peaked cap with a small branch sticking out of it, green slacks, black shoes, and a green suit with a white polo and black tie underneath.


Dendritic Cell is shown to be very gentle and polite towards other cells. He is usually studiously standing upright by his post. However, he also possesses some mischievous traits as he likes to gossip about the embarrassing pasts of cells to other cells in need of reassurance. He does this in harmless, genuinely good fun.


Dendritic cells are antigen-presenting cells, that act as messengers between the innate and adaptive immune system.

  • Overall Abilities, Their role consists of presenting and fragments of viral infections as Antigens and notifying the Immune System. He receives information from sources such as Macrophages and relays them to other cells like Helper T Cell.
  • Immune Cells Activation, Dendritic cells can activate naive T cells, turning them into effector T cells. He does this especially when he himself is activated with the help of polysaccharides from a Lactic Acid Bacteria.


  • Dendritic Cell's natural, plant-like aesthetic (as exemplified by his green uniform, the branch in his cap, and the Treehouse he operates) are references to the Dendritic Cell being named for its resemblance to a tree; the word "dendritic" (Japanese: 樹状 jujō?) is derived from the Greek word δένδρον dendron, meaning "Tree".