"Food Poisoning" (食中毒 Shokuchūdoku?) is the 4th episode of the Cells at Work! anime adaption. It is based on the fifth chapter of the manga which has the same title.


U-1146 and AE3803 visit the Stomach and watch from behind a reinforced glass window, gastric juices dissolve nutrients. Upon receiving a signal of a bacterial intruder, U-1146 rushes off leaving AE3803 behind. At the scene of the signal, a single Eosinophil Cell struggles to fight against the bacterial invader, until U-1146 eliminates it. Also arriving at the scene, AE3803 offers to help Eosinophil up, but the forlorn cell declines and thanks U-1146. It’s then revealed that the two cells are acquainted with each other as they grew up in the same Bone marrow together. Just then a Red Blood Cell and a Normal Cell berate Eosinophil for being weak making her feel self-conscious, but acknowledges what they speak as truth.

Immediately, the ground starts to tremor and thus the Mast Cell releases Histamine and the Basophil is deployed. Both U-1146 and Eosinophil reconvene with Basophil, who alludes to a foreign body that has invaded the host. Although U-1146 is unable to comprehend what Basophil is trying to convey, Eosinophil clarifies it. Taking that into account, the two white blood cells head to the supposed infiltration sight as a Vibrio Parahaemolyticus makes its appearance.

Notified of the situation, Helper T Cell makes an announcement in regards to the bacterial invader. While fighting against the Vibrio, Eosinophil is knocked down and U-1146 takes a hit for her. He then martyrs himself by getting eaten by the Vibrio only to tear vivisect it from inside of its body. Eventually, AE3803 arrives and upset, Eosinophil thanks U-1146 for his help again.

Although the Vibrio was defeated, another invader is detected and the damage it does damage causes gastric juices to spill. The culprit is an Anisakis, a type of parasite and with its mighty roar, it causes all of the cells to panic. All except Eosinophil, who intrepidly challenges the parasite and exterminates it as it’s reveals that’s her specialty. With the Anisakis now defeated, Eosinophil receives an overwhelming celebratory cheer and praise from her fellow cells.


  • When Eosinophil tried to fight off a bacteria and got repelled down to the floor, her right hand glove seems to be missing (this only shows her bare right hand).


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