STATUS Deceased
 GENDER Female
 SPECIES Neutrophil Cell
 AFFILIATION Neutrophil Division
 OCCUPATION Pathogenic Cells Killer
 MANGA DEBUT Chapter 14

F2212 is a character in Cells at Work! BLACK. She is a Neutrophil in a poorly maintained body, and thus an abusive work condition.

She is shown to be swept away in the urinary tract among other neutrophils while fighting the bacteria invading the urinary tract.




She is generally equipped with a sword. As a neutrophil, she can:

  • Overall Abilities: As one of the most abundant white blood cells, she can terminate any kind of harmful cells to the body such as bacteria.
  • Phagocytosis: White blood cells can analyze an unknown foreign cell by eating them which will help them identify its species.
  • Receptor: All neutrophils have a receptor that acts like a radar which alerts them whenever a threat is near.
  • Wandering Cell: A cell that is not fixed in place and able to move freely around the blood vessel.
  • Transmigrate: Ability to move through blood vessel walls to reach her destination much faster.


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