Helper T Cell

Helper T Cell-0

Helper T Cell (Manga)

 ROMANJI Herupā Tī Saibō
 ALIASES Immature Thymocyte (formerly)
 STATUS Active
 AFFILIATION Killer T Division
 OCCUPATION Killer T Commander
 ANIME DEBUT Episode 1
 MANGA DEBUT Chapter 1
 JAPANESE Takahiro Sakurai

Mikako Komatsu (Immature Thymocyte)

Helper T Cell (ヘルパーT細胞 Herupā Tī Saibō?) is a minor character in Cells at Work!.

He is a type of white blood cell, specifically a T Lymphocyte (Helper T Cell). His tasks are strategy planning for dealing with foreign invaders and assisting other white blood cells in immunologic processes. He is the main commander of the Killer T Division.

Appearance Edit

He appears to be an average scrawny man with dirty blonde hair and silver eyes. He wears dark-rimmed glasses and the commander uniform.

Personality Edit

Helper T Cell manifests an intellectual disposition, despite often having scraps of sweets stuck in his face. He seems to have a rivalry with Killer T Cell.

Abilities Edit

He is a white blood cell that provides help to defend the body without having to step foot into a battlefield.

  • Overall Abilities: Although he was never shown to fight pathogenic cells physically, he knows the basics of threat termination as he had been through T Cell training.

Trivia Edit

  • He is one of the top in his class during his T Cell training.
    • He bullied Killer T Cell as a thymocyte seeing that he was weak.
    • It is implied that he was well qualified to be a killer T cell but instead choose his position as a commander.
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