STATUS Active
 GENDER Female
 SPECIES Neutrophil Cell
 AFFILIATION Neutrophil Division
 OCCUPATION Pathogenic Cells Killer
 MANGA DEBUT Chapter 11

J-1178 is a character in Cells at Work! BLACK. She is a Neutrophil in a poorly maintained body, and thus an abusive work condition.


She has white hair and clothes, and pale skin. Her hair is tied into a pair of twin tails that reaches her back.

Her uniform consists of her White Blood Cell cap which has "Neutrophil" written on it, a long hoodie that reaches her thighs fastened with a belt, a pair of long white boots and stockings held up by a pair of garter belts, and a pair of white gloves. She wears an armband on her left arm that has her division and code. Her usual weapon of choice is a sword that is usually sheathed when not in use.


She does not like to be addressed with the "-chan" honorifics which is seen when she flusters as AA2153 calls her "White Blood Cell-chan".[1]


She is generally equipped with a sword. As a neutrophil, she can:

  • Overall Abilities: As one of the most abundant white blood cells, she can terminate any kind of harmful cells to the body such as bacteria.
  • Phagocytosis: White blood cells can analyze an unknown foreign cell by eating them which will help them identify its species.
  • Receptor: All neutrophils have a receptor that acts like a radar which alerts them whenever a threat is near.
  • Wandering Cell: A cell that is not fixed in place and able to move freely around the blood vessel.
  • Transmigrate: Ability to move through blood vessel walls to reach her destination much faster.


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