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 ROMANJI Makurofāji
 ALIASES Monocyte (Inside blood vessels)
 STATUS Active
 GENDER Female
 SPECIES Macrophage Cell
 AFFILIATION Macrophage Division
 OCCUPATION Pathogenic Cells Killer, Cleaner, Teacher
 ANIME DEBUT Episode 1
 MANGA DEBUT Chapter 1
 JAPANESE Kikuko Inoue
 ENGLISH Laura Post

Macrophage (マクロファージ Makurofāji?) is a minor character in Cells at Work!


In spite of her ruthless occupation, she is a beautiful, doll-like cell with fair skin, brown eyes, and braided blonde hair. She normally wears the macrophage uniform (reference that she is a cleaner and a nanny). Upon entering the blood vessels, she will wear the monocyte uniform over her normal uniform.


Her kind plays many roles in the body, from nursery school teachers to professional killers. Therefore, she bears many faces and personalities depending on which role she is playing. By default, Macrophage is a humble, easygoing cell manifesting as a mother figure who speaks in a polite manner. However, she can brutally kill intruders without showing empathy or mercy.


She is a white blood cell, specifically a Macrophage or Monocyte (単球 Tankyū?). Outside the blood stream, she plays the role of a macrophage. She kills foreign substances (Bacteria and Viruses) and relays information from them. She also works as a cleaner; therefore, she clears the dead bacteria/viruses as well as dead or dying cells. Inside the blood stream, she will switch into a monocyte. She is able to transmigrate and also kill threats vigorously. In the bone marrow, erythroblasts will gather around Macrophages; they perform the differentiation for the young erythroblasts similar to how teachers educate children.



As a white blood cell, she possess abilities that allows her to destroy threats and clean up dead cells.

  • Overall Abilities: All Macrophages are strong enough to cut down bacterium with ease. She can determine antigens and information on immune responses. Her attack power is quite high.
  • Phagocytosis: White blood cells can analyze an unknown foreign cell by eating them, which will help them identify its species, or consume them as food.
  • Machete Proficiency: She wields a large machete and possesses professional control over it.
  • Blunt Weapons Proficiency: She can deal massive amounts of damage to bacterium using blunt weapons, such as a large mallet, killing them easily.


  • Macrophages have big appetites.
  • Monocytes that migrate from blood to tissue become macrophages.
  • The macrophages' outfits are designed to resemble a nurse from the late 19th Century. The outfit's frills resemble the Pseudopodia projections of real-life macrophages.