Memory Cell

Memory Main.png


 ROMANJI Kioku Saibō
 STATUS Active
 SPECIES Lymphocyte Cell
 OCCUPATION Information Keeper
 ANIME DEBUT Episode 5
 MANGA DEBUT Chapter 2
 JAPANESE Yuichi Nakamura
 ENGLISH David Vincent

Memory B Cell or just commonly known as Memory Cell (記憶細胞 Kioku Saibō?) is a minor character in Cells at Work!.


He is an average-looking cell with black messy hair and eyes. He wears a black polo, grey slacks and vest, and a purple tie.


Despite having a good memory capacity, he is often troubled when remembering things, as he is scatterbrained and constantly overthinking, thus making it difficult for him to do his job properly. He has a negative mindset and panics most of the time whenever an invasion occurs.

Unfortunately, he is bad at making records make sense. As the information he had about the last time a cold threatened the body sounded like a lunatic doomsday prophecy.


He is a white blood cell, specifically a Memory Cell (B Lymphocyte). Unlike other white blood cells he does not engage in any combat; he records all the information of the past antigens that invaded so the immune system will be prepared when the same threats invade again.



  • Overall Abilities: He remembers antibodies so the immune system knows how to respond to an invader when it strikes again. He usually works together with B Cell for his antigens.
  • Allergic Reaction: He also refers to data passed down through genetics, which could lead to an overreaction toward harmless invaders, thus an allergy.
  • Acquired Immunity: The main principal vaccines are based on. After encountering a type of virus in the past, the body becomes permanently immune to the virus because the Memory Cell knows how to deal with it.
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