Memory T Cell

Memory T Cell anime

Memory T Cell manga

 ROMANJI Memorī Tī Saibō
 STATUS Active
 AFFILIATION Killer T Division
 OCCUPATION Pathogenic Cells Killer
 ANIME DEBUT Episode 3
 MANGA DEBUT Chapter 3
 JAPANESE Ryōta Takeuchi

Memory T Cell (メモリーT細胞 Memorī Tī Saibō?) is a minor character in Cells at Work!

He is a white blood cell, specifically a T Lymphocyte (Memory T Cell) that works under the Killer T Division. He is tasked with storing information about any foreign entities and cells that have invaded the body before.

Appearance Edit

He is a tall, masculine cell with tan skin, brown hair, eyes, goatee, and sideburns. He wears the killer T cell uniform. He also carries a Notebook (with hearts on it) containing information on many different antigens.

Personality Edit

History Edit

He has fought with type B virus which makes him have knowledge of the virus when it reappears to attack the body cells.

Abilities Edit

Memory T Cells are killer T cells who have encountered viruses and help with dealing with it when the body is infected with the same strain later.

  • Memory T Cell: Memory T Cell when fighting an enemy he has fought before, signifying that he is familiar with most of the enemy’s moves and is using that knowledge in combat.

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