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Junior Red Blood Cell NT4201
 ROMANJI Kōhai sekkekkyū
 ALIASES Lil’ Kouhai (by AE3803)
 STATUS Active
 GENDER Female
 SPECIES Red Blood Cell
 OCCUPATION Transporter
 ANIME DEBUT Episode 12
 MANGA DEBUT Chapter 17
 JAPANESE Yui Ishikawa
 ENGLISH Jeannie Tirado

NT4201, Junior Red Blood Cell (後輩赤血球 Kōhai sekkekkyū?) is a minor character in Cells at Work!.


NT4201 has long shoulder length black hair and violet colored eyes. She wears a red blood cell uniform.


Initially, NT4201 didn't respect her assigned senior AE3803 due to their contrasting personalities. This changes, however, after a hemorrhaging incident.


NT4201 is a new red blood cell and AE3803's junior who was introduced to her by AA5100. Despite her lack of work experience, she is well educated with the cells and body.


NT4201 and AE3803 do not get along well initially due to their different personalities. While she did not have a high opinion of her senior initially, NT4201 still remained polite and civil towards her. This changed when the body suffered a hemorrhage and it's very survival was in doubt. NT4201 panicked and gave up, thinking all was lost. But thanks to AE3803's dedication and wherewithal even to the point of complete exhaustion won her over. After the body was saved by a blood transfusion, NT4201 admitted to being wrong about AE3803. But she eventually learns the values of work experience and takes her senior's teachings to heart.


As a red blood cell, she is a worker that is unable to protect herself. Therefore her job is to only transport goods.

  • Overall Abilities: Despite having no abilities to defend herself. She is capable of transporting goods in all corners on the body with high acceleration.
  • Reversible Jacket: All red blood cells wear a reversible jacket that helps them indicate their speed when moving around in either vessels or arteries.