Normal Cell
 SPECIES Normal Cell
 OCCUPATION Replication
 MANGA DEBUT Chapter 11

Normal Cell is a minor character in Cells at Work!.

He is a normal cell, tasked to cell divide just like others of his kind. However he grew tired of his job and covets to be stronger so he can save lives just like the immune cells.

Appearance Edit

He is identical to all the other normal cells. He is nondescript with dark hair, black pants, and a white T-shirt with the word "cell" on it.

Personality Edit

Normal Cell is a soft-hearted troublemaker. He finds his job of copying himself boring hence he began to venture outside of his apartment to explore or mess around. Despite not being able to do anything, he has a strong will to protect someone that is precious to him. According to AE3803, he lives by the pharynx, which happens to be an area that contains lymph nodes.

Gallery Edit

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