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Platelets' arrival during the bacterium invasion.

The Platelet Division is one of the blood components in the body that is formed by Platelets. They react to and close up bleeding injuries. They also clear blood clots in blood vessels.

Due to their size and strength, they often have difficulties performing simple tasks like unloading cargo and climbing down stairs; therefore, they work in groups to help each other out. They are unable to protect themselves against pathogenic cells; thus they require protection from white blood cells while they respond to emergencies. They are born as fragments that are derived from the megakaryocytes.

The Rules of the Platelet Division During Thrombus[1]

  • Don't get separated! No going off on your own!
  • Don't fight amongst yourselves!
  • Make sure to use GPIb and stuff so you don't get blown away!


As a rule of thumb, Platelets are cute, sweet, hardworking, and humble. Platelets are never by themselves, travel in groups to do their jobs, and behave similarly in many ways to a kindergarten class, and buddy up so they don't get lost. They are adorable in their interactions with the world around them. However, they are extremely cautious when doing simple tasks like using small ladders and carrying stuff downstairs, happily celebrating these humble accomplishments, then fearlessly rush into a war zone, sealing a massive wound, and simply stating job done like it was no big deal.

Because of their adorable appearance and wonderful child-like personality, they are universally loved by the other cells as well as each other. They travel in close knit groups and love all other cells calling them big brother and sister (Most notably the white and red blood cells). Even the usually anti-xenophobic cells love these guys. Their cheeks are ticklish.


Platelets are small in size, resulting in their uniforms being over-sized on them. Their uniform consists of a blue T-shirt and sand-colored shorts. They also wear black boots with white edges or regular shoes with striped socks and a white cap with '血小板' ('Platelets' in Japanese) printed on it. They have choice in how they wear their uniform, such wearing the cap backward.

Known members


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