Smoking, Germs, the Beginning of an End (喫煙、細菌、終わりの始まり, Kitsuen, Saikin, Owarinohajimari) is the 1st chapter of the manga Cells at Work! BLACK.


The story starts out with an announcement made in the Left Ventricle about how the body wasn’t getting enough sleep, it was binge eating, and binge drinking, and how the body was now under extreme stress. The body started emitting the stress hormone Adrenaline, and put the cells into a “Black Company”. The newbie Red Blood Cell AA2153 and his boss start to work extra hard, prioritizing the vital organs with their oxygen deliveries, and not giving enough to the cells in the extremities, causing the cells in the extremities to complain frequently and harshly. The stress hormones then cause a group of cells to dump LDL cholesterol from the Liver into the blood vessels, clogging them up. Later, Carbon Monoxide gas and Nicotine gets into the blood vessels, turning some RBCs’ hemoglobin into carboxyhemoglobin, and the nicotine causes the capillaries to contract.

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