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White Blood Cell U-1146
 ROMANJI Hakkekkyū/Kōchūkyū
 ALIASES Mr. White Blood Cell
My Kind-Hearted Killer (by Cancer Cell)
 STATUS Active
 SPECIES Neutrophil Cell
 AFFILIATION Neutrophil Division
 OCCUPATION Pathogenic Cells Killer
 ANIME DEBUT Episode 1
 MANGA DEBUT Chapter 1
 JAPANESE Tomoaki Maeno
Tomo Muranaka (Myelocyte)
 ENGLISH Billy Kametz
Erica Mendez (Myelocyte)

U-1146, White Blood Cell (白血球 Hakkekkyū?) is one of the main protagonists in Cells at Work!


As a Neutrophil Cell, he has extremely pale skin, white hair, and black dull eyes (a reference to the color of Neutrophils). He's tall and lean like his other comrades. He wears the Neutrophil Uniform, which only consists of the color white. Due to his violent job, he's often seen stained in cytoplasm after killing Foreign Cells or Germs.


White Blood Cell's a rather reserved Cell, maintaining an aloof disposition at most times. Like other White Blood Cells, his personality drastically changes during combat, becoming much more aggressive and brutal as he violently eliminates any invading Germs in his path. Despite coming off as cold and ruthless, he's in fact very kind and selfless, willing to put his life on the line to protect his fellow cells. He managed to maintain good relationships with other Cells and he doesn't seem to judge them by their rank or type. Though his job requires him to kill off any invading Germs with no remorse, he's still capable of empathizing with his enemy, such as paying respect to any infected cells he had to kill and even listening to Cancer Cell's final words before ending his life. He also has a soft spot for a Normal Cell (Cell Boy), and Good Bacteria.

He can be unintentionally comedic, as when he was in the middle of killing a germ, White Blood Cell divided his attention to say hello to Red Blood Cell and even give advice to her trainee, all the while still doing his job.


He is a White Blood Cell, specifically a Neutrophil (好中球, Kōchūkyū), working under the Neutrophil Division. Along with the other neutrophil comrades, he's tasked to patrol around the Blood Vessel and remove any invading Foreign Substances such as Germs and Viruses.


U-1146 as a myelocyte

As a myelocyte, White Blood Cell saved Red Blood Cell from a Pseudomonas Aeruginosa Bacterium. He remained protective and endured from the attacks from the bacterium until help arrived. After the threat had been killed, they both returned to their respective bone marrows. Before they left, they agreed to meet each other again when they grew up, even though the chances of a reunion were unknown.

White Blood Cell made it through the training and graduated into a full-fledged Neutrophil. He doesn't seem to recognize or remember Red Blood Cell.


Like all Neutrophils, he possesses abilities that enable him to quickly terminate threats.

Overall Abilities, As one of the most abundant White Blood Cells, he can terminate any kind of harmful Cells to the body from Germs to Cancer Cells. He's incredibly agile and strong as he's able to slice a common Bacterium in half with one blow.

  • Phagocytosis, White blood cells can analyze an unknown foreign cell by eating them which will help them identify its species, or consume them as food.
  • Knife Proficiency, He's an efficient knife-fighter just like all Neutrophils. Along with his agility to aid him, he can swiftly terminate a group of intruders alone. He's also able to bulk up to multiple attacks from aggressive Bacterium's continuously. Apart from close-range combat, he's able to throw his knives with accurate aim if an enemy is far as beyond reach.
  • Receptor, All neutrophils have a receptor that acts like a radar which alerts them whenever a threat is near.
  • L-Selectin, A feature in their uniforms that let them adhere to certain surfaces
  • Wandering Cell, He's a Cell that's not fixed in place and able to move freely around the Blood Vessel.
  • Transmigrate, He's able to move freely inside a Tissue and reach his destination much faster.


  • He wears L-size clothes.[1]
  • The "46" in his number can be read in goroawase as "shiro", meaning "white" in Japanese.


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