U2001 image

U2001 manga Chp2

 STATUS Active
 SPECIES Neutrophil Cell
 AFFILIATION Neutrophil Division
 OCCUPATION Pathogenic Cells Killer
 ANIME DEBUT Episode 1
 MANGA DEBUT Chapter 1

U-2001 is a minor character in Cells at Work!.

He is a Neutrophil working under the Neutrophil Division, and a close friend of U-1146, along with U-4989, U-2626 and U-2048. As a neutrophil, his purpose is to destroy bacteria invading the body.

He is first seen as one of the new neutrophils in the body after the last Pneumococcus is sneezed out. Later, he along with U-4989, U-2626, and U-2048 fights against the bacteria invading the body during a scrape wound.

Appearance Edit

He has extremely pale skin and hair like the other neutrophils. He wears the neutrophil uniform. He has black eyes and his hair appears to be in a buzz cut.