YE4007 anime

YE4007 manga

 STATUS Active
 SPECIES Red Blood Cell
 OCCUPATION Transporter
 ANIME DEBUT Episode 2
 MANGA DEBUT Chapter 4

YE400 is a minor character in Cells at Work!

He is a red blood cell whose main task is to deliver oxygen, carbon dioxide and nutrients all over the body like the rest of his kind.

Appearance Edit

He is an average sized red blood cell with short brown hair. He wears the red blood cell uniform.

History Edit

He is among the many blood cells that is used to stop the blood loss when there is a scrape wound.

Abilities Edit

As a red blood cell, he is a worker that is unable to protect himself. Therefore, his job is to only transport goods.

  • Reversible Jacket: All red blood cells wear a reversible jacket that helps them indicate their speed when moving around in either veins or arteries. The jacket has extendable sleeves and zips up for colder weather.
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